About us

What is "SetYourPriorities.com?"

Do you want to set your priorities? I want to set my priorities! Hopefully we can set our national political and social priorities with this online priority ranking program.

I came up with this idea while on a walk with my dog. I was thinking how annoyed I was by our country's (and especially our Political Action Groups') lack of focus. Everything is "urgent" and everything is "disaster." I wanted to come up with priorities for us as a Nation. I thought this might be a way to do it (a very good way).

How to Play

Now you can select your priorities by rating them alongside each other. Do we really want to stop abortions, or do we want to feed the 25,000 people who die every day from starvation. Do you want to be happy or in love? Would you prefer to stop the sale of guns to "rogue" nations or to end terrorism?

Just choose the option that you think is the better of the two presented you. If you have a hard time making up your mind, click the "more info" text and a box with more information (hopefully unbiased) will pop up (this requires javascript). If there are two priorities both of which you disagree with, simply pick the lesser of the two evils.

Play as long as you want. If you have an idea for a priority, please contact me and be sure to include a brief description with reference links giving more information about the priority.

First put up March 3rd, 2005 with 32 priorities.

I am also interested in advertising for the site. The google text ads don't seem to get the content very well. As we add more information to each of the priorities this may change.


Now you can track your personal priorities. Just click the "Track personal priorities" button on the home page. To see your personal priorities just click the "view" link on the home page, or the link on the "view priorities" page. This requires cookies (allow cookies from this site in your browser's internet options/preferences). More information on the personal priority tracker.


The site uses a MySQL databse and PHP. It uses a simple randomizing feature which gets the priorities in random order from the database ("order by rand() limit 2"). This is the weakpoint of the site; I can't vouch for the randomness of this method. If we get odd results I will use another method. I was thinking I could somehow use Pi to randomize the list (is this a new idea?).

The site counts the number of times a particular priority was chosen and how many times it was not chosen. Then it gives a ranking based on the percentage of being picked. Ideally I would track exactly how many times each pair of priorities was presented and how many times every priority was picked against every other priority. I am not sure this is necessary.

The more detailed view of priorities allows you to see how many times each priority was actually picked.

The more times each of the priorities is shown (and one priority is picked), the better (i.e. more accurate) the ranking will be.

I have prevented people from choosing a particular prioirty numerous times by refreshing the page, by using php sessions. Each time a choice is generated it generates a unique number that is saved in the session when a choice is picked. If the number is entered again it doesn't add the pick.

On the Horizon

In the future I may add a registration section to the site so that it charts your individual priorities on the site rather than using cookies only. A registration system will also be able to gather demographics data to get a better idea of what prioirites different age, economic, geographic groups want.